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I'm passionate about transformational work, that's why I do what I do and why I trained to be able to share it with you.

I am Woman – Sunday 15th July – Pershore Town Hall

The first in a 12 month series of four sessions with Michelle Beagley, from Body-Rhythms and myself.  We will be exploring and celebrating the seasons women experience both monthly and throughout our lives. This will be a truly holistic journey, drawing on many different tools and techniques including circle sharing and mind, body, spirit movement and sound activities.

Each session will coincide with the relating season so we can deeply connect with the natural rhythm of that season. Come to one, more or all. Book all four sessions for a discount.

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This session offers up an opportunity to revisit your maiden years, that’s birth to mid-twenties and all that meant. You will be taking a look at all you have brought forward to your here and now. Finding ways to transform and re-frame some elements and celebrate others. The group will sit, share stories, get creative, ceremonial, vocal, physical and use therapeutic bodywork techniques. We will also use eclectic ways to look at women’s life passage through the lens of the seasons.

Together we will be moving through those early years, feeling into the spaces within. Using voicework techniques to express trials and tribulations. Incorporating some gentle bodywork – some ‘holding’ of our younger selves, some nurturing of the fragmented parts and some joyful expressions of our emerging womanhood.

We are sacred, sassy women and that’s how we work; with the profound and profane. You will sit in a safe space to share deeply and laugh equally. We are about finding ways to smash down self-imposed limitations and connecting deeper and deeper with ourselves and others.

Summer – 9th September

Watch this space

Autumn – 14th October

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Winter – 2nd December

Watch this space

Alchemy Woman Monthly Sessions

I will run monthly sessions for small groups of women to cover a range of topics relating to hormonal cycles, chlidbirth, menstruation and menopause.

Within this safe and open space we will explore our experiences and look at practical tools to support your journey through womanhood.

I will also advise on useful oils, sustainable, toxin-free products and wholesome foods to feed your soul as well as your body.

Each group can be attended as a one off or as part of a series.



Reclaiming ME after childbirth – Saturday 7th July

“When a  woman finds herself, she has a mansion she can inhabit with dignity for the rest of her life.” – Jennifer Lynn Clien

This is a talking and sharing space for you to take a moment to breathe. During this session you will learn how to reclaim yourself through practical exercises that even the busiest mum can find time for. I want you to relax and feel nurtured reconnect with the essence of what it is to be you.


Autumn Equinox Women’s Wellbeing Weekend

Gaunts House September 21st-23rd 2018

To celebrate the Autumn Equinox I will be leading a weekend of women’s wellbeing.

There will be daily yoga and mediation with Jo Pitcher, sacred circle time, chanting and dancing. We will be exploring hormonal health and empowerment and undertaking a creative soul journey with Jaci Legge-Elliott.

On Saturday night there will be a Sound Bath with Michelle Beagley.

This weekend is all about you and there will be plenty of time for you take some space in the ancient surroundings or to book a 1-1 therapy session.

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