Personal Transformation

Seeking self regulation, empowerment & confidence

Holistic Alchemy is the art of transforming parts of your innate personality resulting in a sense of personal liberation.

In both my one to one sessions and group work I help you explore the roots of maladaptive behaviours and beliefs. When trauma is present the problem-solving part of our brain is unable to communicate with our panic response and in order to reconnect we need to work together to reconnect them.

Using a bespoke combination of embodied therapeutic techniques we seek to find your own answers,  achieving all that you want in life by developing a positive relationship with your whole self.


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Drumming Journeys

Having worked intensively with a Shaman during my twenties and thirties, and experiencing many revelatory drumming journeys myself, I have studied to add this powerful, transformational tool to my toolkit.

I employ an entirely tailored journey to enhance your transformational and healing experience, should you request it.


‘This was the most beautiful drumming journey I’ve been on’
‘Thank you for creating such a safe space in which to travel’
‘It was such a joy to be held so gently by you’
‘What an amazing journey you took me on’
‘Beautiful journey held safely and graciously led.’

Hormonal wellbeing

I specialise in hormonal health and wellbeing. This is something, not only determined by our genealogy, but also our daily self-care – what we eat, how we move and how we speak to ourselves.

As women we are hormonal and the impact of our menstrual and menopausal journeys can be a subtle one or a tidal wave of raging emotions. When we learn all that we are not taught about our fundamental female cycles we are then better equipped to deal with the external world because of a greater understanding of our internal one.

By supporting your right physical, mental and spiritual relationship with yourself, your emotions and hormonal cycles we are able to rebalance your holistic wellbeing.



Humans are complex animals, our primitive reptilian brain is still primed for fight or flight and, too often, we listen, without question, to its continuous stream of negative self-deprecating chatter. This permeates our feelings of self-worth and contributes to setting ourselves up for failure in both personal and work arenas. 

It takes only 28 – 33 days to implement a new pattern of behaviour. That’s just one month for a new habit to become commonplace to you.  I truly believe that when you start to know yourself, to understand and surrender yourself and be open to questioning why you repeat some of the ailing beliefs and behaviours you hold; then you can begin to alchemise the perceptions that do not work for you and reclaim the power to manifest the life you want.

If you are reaching out right for change right now, I am here.

You have only to contact me.

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