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There is a magic when women sit and share together


'It felt very safe and contained' - Autumn Women's Wellbeing Weekend

'Thank you for setting up a wonderful, powerful space for transformation.' - Autumn Women's Wellbeing Weekend

'It has been a complete gift to sit amongst other women, we have universal experiences which are so important to be shared.' - Autumn Women's Wellbeing Weekend

'I feel deeply privileged to have benefited from your learnings, watch out world!' - Autumn Women's Wellbeing Weekend

'I wasn’t sure what to expect, but oh my gosh, it’s been amazing, I loved every minute of it.' - Autumn Women's Wellbeing Weekend

"I really enjoyed being with women in a non-judgmental supportive way." - Autumn Women's Wellbeing Weekend

‘Love your humour’

'Your session was fun, real and honest. Great mix of interactive and presented information’

'Love your enthusiasm and passion for the subject and wanting to impart it’

‘Vivacious, passionate and strong’


There is a magic when women sit & share together. It is transformational, it is pure Alchemy.

I run groups and workshops for women in many different settings. My work is transferable and flexible and in addition to my private groups I also offer workshops for both public and private organisations, vulnerable client groups and the general public.

See below for upcoming and recent events, group work and workshops. 


Upcoming Events & Groups

I AM WOMAN – Summer – 14th July 2019 11am – 5pm

Delivered by Body-Rhythms & Alchemy Woman

Wyre Piddle Village Hall, Worcester Rd, Wyre Piddle, Pershore, WR10 2HR

This is our most creative and active time as Woman. The height of the oestrogen years; the years of accomodation and service; be that to a partner, children or career.

IF we do not learn how to reserve some of that Fiery ‘Mothering’ desire for ourselves, we can often become resentful and burn out OH SO EASILY.

If we don’t take care of ME during these years – how can we possibly give good heart and health to those around us?

This sessoin, through circle creation, chant, movement and profound ceremony, will actively explore, inform and reframe how we can best possibly be Care Giver to ourselves and those around us.

Facilitated by two sassy, sacred women who have ‘been there’ and have experienced the joys and pitfalls of what it is to be ‘Woman in Summer’.

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Menopause – When a Woman Becomes Her Power

Online Course – August 2019

Who do you want to be? The Crone; the Wise Woman, Healer & Midwife;

As women, we are not being routinely informed of how to harness our hormonal cycles, either in menstruation or peri & menopause.

This course is for any woman wanting to reclaim themselves during this, potentially, most powerful stage of our womanhood.

Together through our sharings we will explore the physical aspects of peri & menopause, and equally importantly the psychological & spiritual journey of what ultimately defines us as Women.


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The Alchemy of Body-Rhythms – 18th August 2019

10am – 5pm

Delivered by Body-Rhythms & Alchemy Woman

It’s not about the mask you wear, but who you are beneath it.

This one day session is for safely exploring who your believe lies below the many masks you wear – both achetypal and assumed. 

And it’s an opportunity to try on some faces and attitudes you may never have dare to – before now!

Sensitively held and led by two sassy, sacred, profound and profane women who who invite you into their joyous and transformative space. 

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Women’s Wellbeing Weekend –
20th – 22nd September 2019

Autumn Equinox – Gaunts House, Dorset

To celebrate Autumn Equinox RGF at Gaunts House is hosting a second weekend dedicated to women, led by myself and co-facilitated with Michelle Beagley, Body Rhythms.

This is a perfect &  sacred space to reclaim your Menarche if you didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate it positively at the time

We are SO excited to offer you this sacred, safe space to share, to explore and learn from each other there present.

Contact me for more information or call Gaunt’s House direct on 01292 841 522 &


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We will hold space for sacred circle time, women’s hormonal health focusing on reclaiming our Maiden years which also align, mirror and synthesise with Second Spring, our Peri & Menopause an empowerment spell, budding creativity session along with a Seeding Drumming Journey and en-chanting!

All this and daily stretch n’ movement, Friday night Ecstatic disco, a profound Sound Bath on Saturday night, culminating on Sunday with a Reclamation Rites of Passage Ceremony.

This weekend is all about YOU.

Gaunts House is a place of peace and deep learning, a natural and ideal setting for you to be nurtured and held. With amazing vegetarian menus, catering for any dietary requirements and warm, comfy rooms, you will be served with love and care.

As women we are not routinely being educated to do this. This weekend will focus on providing you with a toolkit to fill with the practices of those of us who have explored, tried and tested insightful, yet often simple techniques and found them to be both healing and wholesome.

There will also be time for you to take some space in the ancient surrounding or choose to book one of only two 1-1 bodywork or reiki sessions.

Group Work

Alchemy Women Gathering

A monthly talking therapeutic space for sassy women’s sharing. Closed Group now running until July 2019.

This Women’s Group is an opportunity to really connect with yourself to share deeply and listen to one another. It’s a safe, creative and fun space where we all get to choose the monthly themes: those which touch our lives and affect us, as women in our past, present and future.  Now, more than ever, with the crazy pace of daily life, we need a space and; time to reflect, to hear ourselves, be heard and witnessed in our sharing from the heart. This without judgement, without prejudice.

We also explore ourselves through Cognitive Behavioural and NLP techniques and some BodyTalk tapping. Both techniques help assist and ease some of the troubles and life patterns in which we can all get a bit stuck.

Call me for a free 20 minute chat to see if this is the group for you on 07769225086.

This is the third year of running this closed Women’s Group and I am constantly honoured and amazed by the women I sit with.

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Group-work focuses on


  • Empowerment and self confidence for women
  • Reclaiming ME after childbirth

Whole Health

  • Holistic Health & Happiness
  • Food as Medicine: the link between nutrition and mental health
  • Easy peasy mindfulness techniques

Womb Wisdom

  • Menstruation- When a Woman Steps into her Power
  • Menopause – When s Woman Becomes her Power 

I offer many more practical and creative workshops to offer. If you have a specific area you would like me to explore, just get in touch to discuss it.

Contact me for my full programme.

Past Events

Autumn Equinox Women’s Wellbeing Weekend

Gaunts House September 21st-23rd 2018

To celebrate the Autumn Equinox I lead a weekend of women’s wellbeing. There was daily yoga and mediation with Jo Pitcher, sacred circle time, chanting and dancing. We explored hormonal health and empowerment and undertook a creative soul journey with Jaci Legge-Elliott. With a Sound Bath on Saturday night with Michelle Beagley.

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Some feedback from the weekend

“It has been a complete gift to sit amongst other women, we have universal experiences which are so important to be shared.”

“I have learned a LOT about me this weekend.”

“It felt very safe and contained.”

“Great love and humour.”

“Being validated was so beneficial.”

“I feel deeply privileged to have benefited from your learnings, watch out world!”

“It was empowering, supportive and I learned so much.”

“Thank you for setting up a wonderful, powerful space for transformation.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but oh my gosh, it’s been amazing, I loved every minute of it.”

“It has helped me free some blockages which have had me holding myself back from greatness.”

“I really enjoyed being with women in a non-judgmental supportive way.”

“Just THE best weekend.”

Completed – Gaunts House Summer Gathering – 9th – 12th August

Alchemy Woman’s Workshops – exploring Positive Periods, Magical Menopause and Women’s Empowerment session.

Gaunts House annual Summer Gathering is an invitation for you to temporarily join their ever-evolving community during an unforgettable long weekend of family friendly camping.

We had daily talks from guest speakers, lots of great workshops, a selection of therapists, stalls, great food options and various types of music! Along with an awesome array of activities for kids.

Come and join us next year.

Women’s Drumming Journeys

I have been called to offer this exploration to women who are seeking a safe place to allow inner knowing and answers to rise to the surface and guide you forward. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do. You only need the safe space to hear yourself, where you can rest in your own healing, knowing that you are your own answer.

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