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Talk the Talk

Read my interview in the Waitrose Health magazine New Year 2021

by Sophie Wilkinson

Challenging the inner critic without the usual reassurance we find through the people around us during a time of social distancing.  

“The inner critic formed in prehistoric humans and its entire precept was ‘don’t get killed’. It’s the part of your brain that deals with the fight-or-flight response.”

To read the full article on Page 83, visit to find both digital and physical copies. 

From the eye of a stress vortex into the gentle soft arms of relaxation

Read my article in September’s issue of The Nourished Woman Magazine


“On a daily basis we are living consistently in the eye of the stress vortex. ‘I’ve too much to do’, we complain; stabbing our phones to immediately answer yet another What’s App, FB, Instagram, Messenger, email, text, phone call, whilst of course multi-tasking our shopping/ filling at a petrol station, dropping X off at X place, cooking, working, commuting etc etc….

“Time to STOP, BREATH and try out some simple tools that are quick, realistic, and manageable to help you holistically relax and which can be fitted into our daily busy lives.”

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Searching for self love? Well don’t ask the reptilian brain for directions!

Read my article in June’s issue of The Nourished Woman Magazine


“Our Reptilian brain is constantly dialoguing with us. Day in day out, subconscious constant chatter: cynical, negative and self deprecating chatter that is. It;’s just that the content has changed. It’s not so much ‘don’t get killed’ any more, it’s ‘do I fit in, am I good enough, thin enough, successful enough, good enough mum, friend, sister, daughter, love, wife, partner?’

Recgonise your inner voice here?

Except – and this is a big one – THIS ISN’T YOU!”

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See me in Caboodle

My article on banishing shame around periods and helping us to reconnect with our menstrual power can be found in the Summer edition of Caboodle magazine. Buy your copy here.

“There’s a very negative running commentary we all have that we neither question nor work to change, and I do a lot of work around that. Historically women have been so shamed about bleeding. There’s a lot of work to be done to change our inner dialogue and guilt around menstruation.” Excerpt from my article.

Health and Wellbeing Fair

May 2019

I facilitated a Talk on Mindful Communication as well as offering Akashic Alchemy Readings and products. 

In a marquee full of exhibitors, samples, treatments, information, and demonstrations will have something to suit everyone.

Togetherness Festival

Sandra Barnes Yoga with Sandra & Sofia Barnes

I attended as a guest speaker. 

Stepping into spring with a delicious day of holistic happenings! Retreating from everyday life to nourish yourself.

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